View from my coffee cup

Its spring again!

You’re probably wondering whether my morning jaunts at the coffee shop have subsided. They haven’t. And the pleasure I gain from my frequent lattes, Cappuccinos and coffees (with cream) is obvious on my upper arms. It’s all good.

This past winter lulled me into complacency. I put off setting my dentist and podiatrist appointments, and I lagged on my latest manuscript. Today, I can say, I accomplished all of the above and I’ve even set the date for my visit with my granddaughters in Seattle.

This brings me to my question to you. What have you been putting off?

Have you been dragging your feet, so to speak,  on writing the memoir your thoughts been begging you to write? Shouldn’t you be collating those poems you penned?  Where is that manuscript you wrote which you know will inspire others?

Why have you been putting these things off?

You are probably judging yourself. Don’t be saying —

I can’t manage,

I have no time,

It will be overwhelming,

I never finish what I started.

May I coax you into a commitment to start today — right now– on the ‘thing’ you’ve been putting off?

Don’t judge yourself and don’t yield to the judgments of other people.

Do what you can, do it now, and do it well.

Goodbye …my coffee awaits me!


Olive Rose Steele is Author of CRY TOUGH, a novel.

View from my coffee cup

Let me remind you—

you can be what you want to be;

you can do what you choose to do;

you are not as fragile as people think;

your potential surpasses your dream;

you are blessed and highly favoured;

you are all these things and so much more.

These daily reminders will shield you from other people’s negative opinion of you.

What is going on in the Coffee Shop?

This morning, the coffee shop is packed with patrons, partly because of the one dollar coffee promotion but definitely because it is so darn cold outside. I arrived early; my coffee colleagues have yet to start trickling in. I take my first sip.

Recently, I was asked how I overcome writer’s block. Well, every day I write “something” for an hour. When I get a stubborn block, I read a book by one of my favourite authors and I hand wash my dishes with no TV, or music in the background. Such activities always put me in focus. Some folks draw from what is happening in their moments and others go for long quiet walks to jump-start a block. My best advice?

(a) Write every day, what you write doesn’t have to make perfect sense, just keep writing, you can edit your work later.

(b) Read a lot of books. I admit, I expand my vocabulary by reading a lot of  books. Know that you have very little control over how your book will resonate with readers. Most authors are truly surprised at how readers respond to their work.

(c) Consider this quote by author Toni Morrison: “If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”  
To the folks who frequently ask me how I cope with my writing habit I say: I  write for the love of it!

Lupe and Mary have just walked thru the double doors at the coffee shop–see you next time!

Olive Rose Steele is the author of CRY TOUGH.




View from my coffee cup

Friends at the coffee shop returned from winter breaks …in time for the $1.00 coffee promotion. Lupe packed a stunning tan from Mexico…we are green with envy. All of us are getting together February 14th for a special Valentine’s Day coffee.

Write those books!

Beginning this year (2017) I will communicate to you what I learn as I advance in my writing career. I hope my blogs will be helpful.

So, you want to write a book. You already have words, sentences, paragraphs, and pages but you’re scared to make the move. You say; who would read what I write? I say; if you are thinking about it and talking about it, then someone ‘out there’ wants to read your book. My advice to you is, write that book even if the only folks to read your book are your family, friends, and colleagues.

Income is not always a reason that people take bold steps toward writing a book. Some folks write books for therapy and others to preserve family history. I write books because it is fun for me.  If you’re not sure about what to write find out what folks would like to read more of and give them more to read —no need to reinvent the wheel. Watch out for my tidbits to help you write, publish and market your books.

Happy writing!

Olive Rose Steele is author of GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS (Insights for Seekers of Self)


New Year’s Resolution


Honestly, my New Year’s resolution usually evaporates by the middle of January each year.  I am sharing this year’s resolutions so you may hold me to them (or I will report the completed results to you).

Here are five things I resolve to factor into my writing life:

I resolve to read (and review) 20 books by the end of December;

I resolve to self-publish ‘Watt Town Road’ (a memoir) by end of June;

I resolve to write  one inspirational book by end of June;

I resolve to complete manuscript for novel (love story) by end of December;

I resolve to Blog once each month. In my Blogs, I will share helpful writing and marketing tips.

What is your 2017 resolution?

Olive Rose Steele is author of SELF-HELP YOURSELF and AND WHEN WE PRAY






View from my coffee cup

coffee too2016 is the year in which I admit to making a small ‘return’ on my writing. It took a long time (ten years) for me to admit that it is possible to make money from doing this stuff.

No one told me self-publishing and marketing my books come with challenges to overcome…maybe I didn’t ask anyone if there were challenges to overcome. So now I’m on a bit of a roll. My new e-book SELF-HELP YOURSELF is selling.  I expect sales to continue into 2017 and beyond.

I am sitting in my neighborhood coffee shop.  Some of my coffee colleagues are engaged in holiday festivities others are away on vacation. I am anxious to get back to our coffee routine.

I love to write.  I love to tell people what I know about navigating the self-publishing system. Ask me a question at Check out my about me page at  Friend me on Facebook; but most of all, read the advice I give about self-help in my new e-book titled: SELF-HELP YOURSELF.

To aspiring writers/authors I say; don’t be faint of heart, follow your dream!

Have a Prosperous 2017.

Olive Rose Steele is Author of THE SOLID ROCK (Other ground is sinking sand), CRY TOUGH (a Novel.



Time finds me!

People often ask me: Where do you find the time to write your books?

My answer is usually: Time finds me!

Some people study at colleges and universities to become professional writers and they find time to write.

For me, writing is a natural ability—I write regardless.  Okay, so I’m bragging.

It is true; I have lots of ideas with words to match, and I put my ideas and words on paper as fast as they come to me.  Mostly, I like to inspire people, I  give generously and, without being called upon, I like to help out in difficult situations.  These are essentials to easy writing; some of the basics to getting the writing juices flowing… doesn’t’ matter the genre.

In my latest e-book SELF-HELP YOURSELF;

I  do not hold back on my ideas about self-help even as I point readers to places where they may find helpful resources for their angst.

We have ‘things’ we’d like to share with other people. We want to share these ‘things’ because we feel they might be helpful. Doesn’t matter the platform on which we share our ‘things’ (acting, speaking, writing etc.), the world is waiting to hear from us!

When you’re ready to write, time will find you.

Download a copy of:

SELF-HELP YOURSELF: Find your “kick-ass” Mentor in a Self-help Book; follow the principles and create your better life–Kindle Edition.

Olive Rose Steele

Author of: AND WHEN WE PRAYcoffee too


There is a coffee promotion going on at my neighborhood coffee shop. Specialty coffees are a dollar each. Great! This morning I had a small cappuccino for one dollar! All my coffee colleagues are having second cups!

Do you remember Brian at the coffee shop?  Yes, the young man whom I had given basic writing advice?  Since then he has written a manuscript. Yay!

I  self-publish through Amazon Createspace/KDP. And I need to say right up front, I bless the day I discovered these two publishing platforms.

When Brian asked me what his next steps should be, I told Brian that everything (and more) that he needs to know about releasing a finished book is available through the Createspace/KDP self-publishing process. I walked him through registration at Createspace and his eyes became bright with excitement when he saw his own ISBN number. Brian is a smart young man for I had no need to walk him further; he navigated the entire process (which is made easy through Createspace/KDP). He’s on his own now…he’ll make his own discoveries…he’ll be self-taught by Createspace/KDP as he moves along. No. I’ve not yet hit the best seller list but amazon has given me some free marketing tools to get there.

From time to time I am asked: “How do you publish your books Olive?” I answer: “Log into CREATESPACE and the rest is your history


Olive Rose Steele – Author

View from my coffee cup

Word count is crucial.  I need 30,000 words to complete Book Two of THE SOLID ROCK and my word count so far is 27,500. The coffee shop is where I get my inspiration. I wade through puddles, push open the double doors at the coffee shop and pull my cold feet toward the counter.

Medium latte, please.

Carol and Mera are away on vacation. Paul, Teresa and Ericka don’t come to the coffee shop Saturday mornings so there will be less talk about the thunderstorm last night. I’m siting at my usual spot, with two palms curved around my cup; pad and pencil lying on the table–pensive.

Good morning ma’am,  I am Brian …a colleague of mine is reading one of your books,  AND WHEN WE PRAY.  I’ve always wanted to write my story, can you help me?

Good morning Brian, you work in this shop don’t you? And you want to write a book?

Yeah…that’s it I want to write a book…the story of my life.

Sure Brian, I’d be happy to help. First, I want you to think about the following:

Do you intend to publish your story?

Why should anyone care about your story?

How do you feel when you think about your story?

What kind f feelings do you hope your readers will experience after they’ve read your story?

Will readers ‘feel’ YOU after they’ve read your story?

Emotions such as fear, anger, hate, loss and determination get readers attention, are you prepared to be emotional as you tell your story?

If you are willing to start with this simple outline … I’m willing to help  you to get your story out.

Thank you …more latte for you ma’am?

With a looming deadline for my fall launch of WATT TOWN ROAD and Book Two of THE SOLID ROCK, a second cup of self-indulgent latte is truly my desire this morning.








The view from my coffee cup

It is good to know if I ever left my wallet at home my friends at the Coffee Shop would ‘spring’ me a coffee.  It happened this morning.

Call Herbert…tell him to bring your wallet here. Mera said.

No…don’t want to wake him up. I said.

Carol didn’t come for coffee this morning. Lupe brought a new friend into our group…her name is Mary. Theresa is moping over the lousy weather we’ve been experiencing. Gary is half way through reading his copy of my book CRY TOUGH and Ericka is stuck in morning traffic.

The MARTYS make me dizzy …photo shoot, press conference… new shoes, new dresses… maybe I don’t have to get new outfits… my stomach is fluttering from anxiety…the ladies in the group don’t know this, they think I’m brave. It is nerve-racking being a nominee in the Established Literary Arts category…I’ll survive.

Stay tuned….